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The next chapter in the Lance Priest/Preacher series.


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No. 5 in the Lance Priest/Preacher Series

Trieste, Italy. This beautiful port city at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea welcomes tourists from around the world to its picturesque coast.

Trieste also welcomes into its seaport an abundance of illegal cargo. Smuggling is big business. Trieste was the final location Marta Sidorova set up one of her clandestine networks in 1990, just months before meeting Lance Priest in Baghdad. She put the young and deadly Elena in charge of the operation.

The past always seems to rear its head with Lance. A two-word message left for Marta pleads for help. With a first baby just weeks from being born, Marta is unable to respond. Lance goes to Trieste in her place to search for the elusive and mysterious Elena. Lance has only 48 hours to find her, figure out what the hell is going on and try to stay alive.

A cast of unruly characters, including a Ukrainian drug smuggler, a desperate Bosnian Serb warrior, a Spanish sailing boat captain and others make for plenty of danger and maybe a little fun. The Perfect Instinct: Trieste 48 is book 5 in the Lance Priest/Preacher series.


Now Available on kindle
THE PERFECT PATRIOT -- A Lance Priest / Preacher Thriller (No. 6)

April 19,1995. It should have been joy and wonder and celebration. CIA ice-cold killer Lance Priest and equally deadly former KGB operative Marta Sidorova welcomed their baby - a girl, an angel, everything.


News of the Oklahoma City Bombing came minutes after their personal angel was born. Murdered that day were 168 Americans, including 19 babies. Lance felt the pull, the need to right this terrible wrong. Preacher doesn't do anything halfway. His journey to find these killers leads him from the bomb's destructive aftermath in Oklahoma into danger at every turn as he uncovers a plot that will shake the nation to its core.

Meanwhile, the wave of death left in Preacher's wake from a week in Juarez months earlier creates a challenge that even Preacher may not be able to overcome. Bullets will fly. Bodies will fall. People will die. That happens when Lance is around. The Perfect Patriot is the fifth book in the Lance Priest/Preacher series. Hold on tight. It is a doozy.


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 Books in the Lance Priest Series:


The Perfect Angel is available at Amazon in print and Kindle versions. 



                   Also Available: 

The Perfect Weapon, the second book in the Lance Priest series.  

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CLICK HERE to read the Prologue and first chapters of The Perfect Weapon


Also available,
The Perfect Candidate:

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Barkley's Sandbar Christmas Miracle is also available for purchase. 


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Reader Reviews of The Perfect Series:

"The first Lance Priest novel, "The Perfect Candidate" was a great roller coaster ride, but "The Perfect Weapon" is a super roller coaster with lots of twists and turns and a couple of fabulous loop-the-loops added in." -- Cathy

"When I got to the last page of the first book in this series - The Perfect Candidate, there was only one major issue that I had with the book - I wanted to turn to the next chapter and continue to witness the complex, engaging and lethal character Christopher Metcalf develops in Lance Priest. I ordered this second book as soon as I heard it was released. It is another great read that is equally hard to put down. The vivid details of Metcalf's action scenes made me want to read them over and over again." -- jemge

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The Perfect Candidate.

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