Christopher Metcalf
Writer - Author - Prevaricator

Barkley's Sandbar Christmas Miracle

Miracles happen when you least expect it...

Gerald and Barkley, his enormous black and white spotted Great Dane, were out for their nightly walk along the Arkansas River. Like usual, they slipped down the riverbank and waded over to one of the many sandbars formed when the water level was low. But this was no usual night. It was Christmas Eve. 

What happened out there on Barkley’s Sandbar that night was also anything but usual. It could only be described as a miracle, a Christmas Miracle. Learn the story that Gerald (and Barkley) have never told. You probably won’t believe it, but isn’t that what makes miracles so special. 

A neighbor walking two large Great Dane’s around Metcalf’s neighborhood inspired the book and Barkley character. "I would see them come by some mornings and just be amazed that she could keep them under control. They were huge dogs with one of them spotted black and white." Metcalf sat down at his computer on Christmas Eve in 2010 and wrote the original draft of the story. 

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