Christopher Metcalf
Writer - Author - Prevaricator

The Perfect Series

Trieste, Italy is beautiful. It also hides many secrets. Lance has 48 hours to find Elena and solve a mystery.

In the days after the Oklahoma City bombing, Lance sets out to help and to make some people pay for what they'd done. 

A few days south of the border, Juarez will never be the same.

Lance Priest is dead. That is a scary thing for the world.

Ice-cold CIA spy Lance “Preacher” Priest is back. This time the world thinks he is dead.

A dead Lance Priest is even scarier than a live one. He is a ghost, a phantom. He is THE PERFECT ANGEL.

Lance believes that Marta, a lethal former KGB operative, and the only light in his dark life, has been killed. Without Marta anchoring him to reality, Preacher becomes a haunted creature of the night who only comes out to kill, to destroy.

He is free to wreak his unique brand of havoc on a top-secret list of traitors who crossed the line. But that is not his ultimate mission. Only CIA legend Geoffrey Seibel knows the truth.

Lance is a pawn in an international chess game. There is a mole in Seibel’s ultra-secret CIA operations. And it can only be one of his three most trusted agents. Someone must die.

THE PERFECT ANGEL is the third book in the Lance Priest series. It is the follow-up to THE PERFECT CANDIDATE and THE PERFECT WEAPON.

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To catch a terrorist bomber, you must become one.

Lance Priest is unique. In his 24 years, he simply accepted that he was different, detached and deadly. He wasrecruited by the CIA three years 

ago to use his unusual talents and do things others can not or will not.

Lance is a liar, a chameleon, a killer with the ironic nickname Preacher. He is THE PERFECT WEAPON to battle the nation's deadliest enemies.

Love was never on his radar. Then he met Marta, a rogue KGB agent with death in her DNA. He realized in the moments after meeting and shooting her, that people can change. Another life is possible.

But a cruel world has other plans. CIA legend Geoffrey Seibel, Lance's boss and mentor, gives him an impossible assignment -- track, stop and kill a terrorist bomber with only one name and one goal -- to destroy America. Lance will need all his skills and Marta's lethal help to succeed, and to survive.

From America to Europe to the Philippines, Africa and back home again, Preacher takes the action to the terrorists and takes his share of damage along the way. But and injured and somewhat mentally unstable Lance is still the best weapon against killers who want nothing more than to blow up the world. This will get messy.

THE PERFECT WEAPON is the second book in the Lance Priest series. It is the follow-up to THE PERFECT CANDIDATE.

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Seibel knew he'd found his man. 

The CIA spymaster had met Lance a few hours earlier and just handed the kid a loaded gun. He told the kid he had 6 minutes and 24 seconds before two killers started hunting him. L
ance should have run. Should have burst out the door and made his way down to the busy downtown Dallas street and get the holy hell out of town.

But Lance Priest did his usual, which, of course, is the unusual. He put the gun to Seibel's head. The super spy could only smile. He'd found what he'd been searching decades for. He found THE PERFECT CANDIDATE.

Leopards have spots. Fish swim. Lance Priest lies.
At 21, Lance has weaved an intricate lifelong web of lies that permeates every aspect of his life. It is simply who he is. Would you believe his nickname is Preacher?

Lance didn’t know his predisposition for fabricating falsehoods, acute attention to detail and natural ability to play a variety of different characters also made him THE PERFECT CANDIDATE to be a spy -- but Geoffrey Seibel did.

Seibel had been searching decades for his perfect spy. He was as surprised as everyone else when he found his ideal candidate was a pathological liar and serial underachiever. Perfection is a strange thing.

Seibel transforms the unique raw material Lance possesses into a lethal weapon he then

turns loose on various assassins, terrorists and other assorted bad guys. Lance joins an elite team tasked with stopping Saddam Hussein from acquiring nuclear weapons on the eve of Desert Storm. Along the way, he falls in love with Marta, a rogue KGB agent. But he still shoots her. Twice.

THE PERFECT CANDIDATE is a 105,000-word espionage action thriller written by Christopher Metcalf.

Click here to read the Prologue and first two chapters of the book.

The novel is the first in a series featuring lovable, lethal liar Lance Priest, aka Preacher

Also featured in the Preacher series are:

Geoffrey Seibel - Machiavellian CIA spymaster tasked with developing unique resources and protecting a nation at any cost

Mikel Fuchs - deadly serious former Seibel protege who has been where Lance is going

Marta Sidorova - mysterious rogue KGB agent who at 26 has built an impressive resume of death and destruction

Frank Wyrick - Seibel's go-to guy for surveillance who is trusted for much more than the video and audio he expertly produces

Stuart Braden - CIA psychologist whose job it is to evaluate, monitor and counsel agents, like the troublesome Preacher

Tarwanah and Jamaani - Jordanian operatives trusted by Seibel for their consummate professionalism and ability to work with wild cards like Fuchs and Preacher