Christopher Metcalf
Writer - Author - Prevaricator


The Perfect Weapon - a Novel (book II in Lance Priest series)

Lance Priest is unique. In his 24 years, he simply accepted that he was different, detached and deadly. He was recruited by the CIA three years ago to use his unusual talents and do things others can not or will not.

Lance is a liar, a chameleon, a killer with the ironic nickname Preacher. He is THE PERFECT WEAPON to battle the nation's deadliest enemies.

Love was never on his radar. Then he met Marta, a rogue KGB agent with death in her DNA. He realized in the moments after meeting and shooting her, that people can change. Another life is possible.

But a cruel world has other plans. Geoffrey Seibel, Lance's boss and mentor, gives him an impossible assignment -- track, stop and kill a terrorist bomber with only one name and one goal -- to destroy America. Lance will need all his skills and Marta's lethal help to succeed, and to survive.

THE PERFECT WEAPON is the second book in the Lance Priest series. It is the follow-up to THE PERFECT CANDIDATE.

CLICK HERE to read an excerpt of the Prologue and first chapters of the book.

The Perfect Candidate - a Novel

Leopards have spots. Fish swim. Lance Priest lies.

At 21, Lance has weaved an intricate lifelong web of lies that permeates every aspect of his life. It is simply who he is. Believe it or not, the only place he doesn’t lie is the used car lot he works at part-time while attending college in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That’s right, he’s a used-car salesman. Would you believe his nickname is Preacher?

Lance didn’t know his predisposition for fabricating falsehoods, acute attention to detail and natural ability to play a variety of different characters also made him THE PERFECT CANDIDATE to be a spy -- but CIA spymaster Geoffrey Seibel did.

Seibel had been searching decades for his perfect spy. He was as surprised as everyone else when he found his ideal candidate was a pathological liar and serial underachiever. Perfection is a tricky thing.

Seibel transforms the unique raw material Lance possesses into a lethal weapon he then turns loose on various assassins, terrorists and other assorted bad guys. Lance joins an elite team tasked with stopping Saddam Hussein from acquiring nuclear weapons on the eve of Desert Storm. Along the way, he falls in love. But he still shoots the girl. Twice.

THE PERFECT CANDIDATE is a 95,000-word espionage action thriller featuring lovable liar Lance Priest, Machiavellian CIA super-spy Geoffrey Seibel, former Seibel protégé Mikel Fuchs, mysterious rogue Marta Sidorova, ruthless former KGB agents Korovin and Kusnetsov and a bunch of brutal killers. 

Click here to read an excerpt of the Prologue and first two chapters of the book.

Oz - a Screenplay

Oz Decatur is a victim. He is a victim of poverty, timing and violence. His life was only two years old when his mother was killed, he was beaten so severely the killer thought he was dead and he was left fighting for his life stuffed under an abandoned house.

After a statewide manhunt for Sheldon Jackson, Oz was discovered and taken to a Tulsa hospital given just the slightest chance to survive. His grandmother Mary raced to be with him from Monroe, Louisiana. The days and weeks that followed were truly touch and go for Oz, who had suffered severe brain injuries.

After months of recovery and rehabilitation, Oz was transported to Baylor Medical Center to continue his rehabilitation. He eventually was released to the care of his grandmother and returned to Monroe where he lives today. His life remains challenging, but Oz has overcome incredible odds and defied those who gave him no chance of surviving and little of no quality of life for his future.

Oz is a survivor. His story inspires us all. His ever-present smile is proof that the will to live is stronger than the will to destroy.

David's Mission - a Screenplay

A 19-year-old Mormon missionary travels from his home outside Salt Lake City to Paris. He thought he was coming to this ancient city to spread the word of the Lord. Instead, he learns about an entirely different world of crime, fear, love and violence just below the surface of the world he thought he knew.

Christian - a Screenplay

There is always more than meets the eye. Christian appears to be a rich college student, aloof and arrogant. His truths tell a much different story. 

He was kidnapped and held for ransom as a child. The ramifications of this act of violence are with him today. He has only one friend, Ukiah, the son of a wealthy businessman in Kenya. He has no girlfriend but loves Barbara. His limitations, both physical and psychological, don't allow him to tell her about his feelings. His longest continual relationship is with his psychologist (name). She is his friend, confidant and surrogate mother. 

While scanning the channels late one night in the frat house, Christian comes across a religious channel and a preacher he knows all to well.It was him, his kidnapper. The law may have determined he had served his time to pay for his crime, Christian needed more than what the law will allow.

Justice will be served. The extent of that justice will challenge Christian's beliefs.

Knock Knock - Short Story & Screenplay

Peter Matthews rides the bus across town each week. Fairly impressive for an 11-year-old. His destination is his grandpa's nursing home. Their time together is special on many levels for each of them.

The young boy is a lifeline for his grandfather. And his Grandpa is a source of strength, creativity and pride for the boy. The highlight of their times together are the many, many jokes Grandpa tells, especially the "Knock, Knock" ones.

Peter's life is changed, but still enriched, when his grandfather becomes ill and passes away. The lasting legacy of their relationship is love.

"Knock, knock." 

"Who's there?"